Frequent Questions

Q. What setups do you use for classical and jazz?

A. For classical, I use a Selmer C* Larry Teal mouthpiece modified by James Bunte with D'Addario Reserve reeds strength 3.0 and a vandoren optimum ligature. I also like the Vandoren AL3, but not quite as much as my LT. For jazz, I use a Beechler M6S with Rico Jazz Select 2H reeds and a Vandoren Optimum ligature.

Q. What saxophones do you play?


  • Soprano: Yamaha Custom 875EXHG-S
  • Alto: Yamaha Custom 875Z, with modifications by Yamaha's Jeff Peterson
  • Tenor: Yamaha Custom 875EX-S
  • Gold-plated necks for all saxes.
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